Keyword Research

Why You Need Keyword Research?

Using proper keywords can be the best thing that can happen to a Business’ online presence. Keywords help facilitate search engines appearances, when people search for anything related to your business your website pops up. Businesses today are investing greatly into keyword research cause they are aware of is “make or break” impact on their online presence.

Keyword research isn’t just putting a bunch of words together to improve search engine optimization, it is a proper analysis of keywords solely related to your business. This proper analysis helps cut out unwanted keywords which may lead to avoidable bounced due to these keywords.

What we Do in Keyword Research?

At KJ, we ensure to adequately analyze your business in order to generate adequate keywords to channel organic traffic. We understand the power of keyword research, that is why at KJ we deliver only keywords that are solely related and relevant to your business. These are business tailored keywords that will help bring organic traffic to your website, traffic made up for people who actually require your goods or services. It is one thing to generate traffic and it is another thing to generate organic and authentic traffic.

With our keyword research at KJ, your website would not just be getting attention from random online users but from users who are searching for your goods and services.

Our keyword research at KJ will ensure that every visitor on your website is there because they came specifically looking for your business, not as a result of random keywords which generate inorganic traffic.

Experts Analyze Your Business & Understand Your Visitors.
100% Manual Keyword Research, No Automated Tools.
Extensive Research by panel of SEO, Business Analysts.
Research Backed up by Statistics, Trends & Visitor Insights .

Keyword Research
Home page + 5 Pages


Duration : 4 Working Days

Keyword Research
Home page + 10 Pages


Duration : 5 Working Days