Penalty Assessment

Why You Need Google Penalty Assessment?

Google occasionally releases new rules and regulations for websites to abide to, these can be considered as algorithmic updates. Over time google has release quite a number of algorithmic updates like google hummingbird, google panda, Good pigeon and others to help structure proper search engine operations.

Googles expects websites to follow these rules and regulations strictly and any website found lacking would be penalized and also removed from search engine result pages SERP. These various rules and regulations are how google is able to filter its search engine generators. We at KJ  help various online businesses to assess their websites for google penalty to bring them back on track.

A lot of businesses wonder why traffic has dropped towards their websites. Organic traffic they worked had to generate all going down as each day passes. Performing a google penalty assessment is a necessity for all online business who want to ensure they are on track with the provided rules and regulations by google. When a online business fails to ensure that they are on track with these rules they experience a steep drop in their organic traffic. We at KJ are professionals with great authority in assessing google penalty for various online businesses.

Whatever the problem may be we will ensure to assess it, solve it and have your website back on track in no time. Multiple Factors like;

  • Google pigeon penalty
  • Google penguin penalty
  • Google panda penalty
  • Google manual action
  • Seasonal holiday impacts
  • Crawl issues
  • Robots.txt
  • Malware
  • IP blocks, and a number of other on-page issues

We at KJ will examine your traffic flow for the past two years especially focusing on the various rise and drop of traffic during the several updates.

Your website could not possibly be in better hands, as we at KJ offer the best google penalty assessment. If not anything, our success as a website to still be active after these various updates is a testament to our quality and professionalism.

Google Penalty Assessment


Full complete assessment of the effect of Google penalties on your site