Penalty Protection

You know the popular saying; “ prevention is better than cure”… well, it couldn’t be more truer when it comes to Google penalty. Why spend money and time fixing a problem when you can easily avoid or prevent it from happening to you in the first place.

Solving a google penalty problem costs a lot of money and takes so much work to be properly done. The amount of time and work put in just to get your website back to its right ranking is something you can easily prevent from ever happening to you.

Google penalty prevention is not rocket science and it is something every business should invest in monthly. Big businesses already do this, that is why you never see them losing traffic or ranking, they ensure that they prevent any form of google penalty from ever occurring. It is general knowledge that the google web spam team sends about 500k manual actions notification monthly, and the best way to prevent a penalty is by monitoring the website and is back links

We at KJ can do this for you, we will monitor your website and it’s back links everywhere week to make sure it is in tune with each google update. Your website needs to follow the rules and regulations in order to avoid any penalty.

How we ensure google penalty prevention at KJ is not some impossible task but something our experts are more than capable of. ;

Regular backlink audit to ensure that there are no crappy backlinks.
Removing spammy links and disavowing them immediately.
Monitoring Anchor text variations.
Monitoring and moderating the comments on your site.
Monitoring your outbound links.
Constant monitoring of your site to ensure that your site is free from Malware.
Fixing 404 errors if any.
Fixing broken external links.
Content quality and usability audit.
Fixing crawl issues if any on weekly basis.

We will do this weekly to ensure your websites enjoys adequate google penalty prevention. We will also provide your with a monthly report on all the task performed.

Google Penalty Prevention


Protect your site from all Google penalties and future algorithm updates.