Penguin 4.0 Penalty

What is Penguin 4.0 update and how will it impact your website?

Google just rolled out Penguin 4.0 on 23rd September 28, 2016, which will impact search results real-time and at page levels. Penguin 4.0 Google update is based on page level backlinks rather than the entire site as it was used to be in the previous updates. For e.g. if an inner section or a particular page is linked from a relevant high quality webpage, it will rank on the SERP's no matter the home page is ranked or not. It is the vice versa for a link from Spammy or manipulated page.

All this happens in real time, as and when you gain a high quality backlink chances are your pages will get on SERP's in a couple of days or even hours based on Google crawling & indexing.

While it is too good to have a real time update, the ranking will be affected negatively if Google picks up a bad backlink to your site/page.

The Solution: - Backlink Audit & Disavow at Regular intervals. "We haven't changed the disavow feature or our recommendations for it " a Google spokesperson confirmed with The SEM Post when asked on backlink audit for Penguin 4.0. Google recommends to contact site owners to that you try and remove those links from the websites, before using the disavow tool.

Google's webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller confirms no changes in disavow post penguin 4.0

disavow post penguin 4.0

Manual Actions: Google has been sending emails to webmasters notifying them of Bad Back links. Unnatural Links

If you have received unnatural link warnings, or if your site has a sudden drop in organic traffic, or if your search rankings have dropped significantly, it is mandatory to do a backlink audit, clean up the bad links and do a disavow. Our backlink audit team will provide a turnkey service from backlink audit to re-consideration requests.

Why should you hire us for backlink audit & Google Penalty Recovery?

We have 98% success rate of recovering websites from Google Manual Penalties and other Google penalties.

We do the entire backlink audit process systematically from identifying bad links, analyzing anchor text, contacting website owners for link removal, process disavow file and send reconsideration request to Google.

Our Backlink Audit teams of expert's device the right strategy and action that can get your website back on track, regaining lost traffic and rankings.

What is new with Penguin 4.0 process and how is it different from regular audit? (updated 28th Sep)

Penguin 4.0 update is on granular level which affects individual pages rather than the entire site. So our backlink audit team will identify the pages which lost their rankings with the help of Google analytics and get the backlinks associated with the particular page. This backlink audit process will need more time and expertise than the regular audit.

Backlink Audit & Google Penalty Recovery Roadmap:

  • We collect all the backlinks to your website from multiple sources including Google Webmaster tools
  • Our Backlink Audit team manually reviews all backlinks and classifies good and bad ones
  • We send individual link removal e-mails on your behalf to website owners for every bad link
  • Send reminders to website owners or contact them through social media and try to get it removed
  • Create Disavow file with the remaining bad links and upload it to WMT
  • We document all work carried out in the backlink audit and submit reconsideration request to Google
  • Get your Site recovered from Google Penalty

Backlink Audit

Manual SPAM action revoked for one of our many clients by Google.

Penguin Recovery

Manual penalty is applied by Google's Search monitoring team who manually had analyzed the bad links, take action and then send an un-natural link warning to website owners.

Get Your Traffic Back – Protect Your Website From Future Penalties.