Website Audit

A successful business website doesn’t end when the website has been launched but after consistent workings to make sure the website produces its best conversions. A lot of business are not aware or do not involve themselves with the technicalities of their various website, this ignorance would eventually leads to future problems.

When a business fails to consistently check their websites to ensure its full functionality, avoiding future possible mishaps from happening. A business that does not engage in proper website audit can not plan for the future. The possibility of achieving true desired goal can be put down at any moment because of the uncertainty of their websites.  Our various professionals at KJ can provide your business website the proper website audit it needs and also provide you with future strategies that can help improve your standing in the long run. You don’t want your website unable to adjust to future plans and possibilities. With a proper website audit performed by us at KJ, your  website will be  up to standard on all sides.

Website audit is a planned and documented activity which themes on examining the website in compliance with established techniques and standards. At KJ, judgments based on the performance of an industry’s website are formulated, and a comprehensive report is created which emphasizes upon the possible elements that can be further tweaked.

Our experts at KJ, we complete all website audit process manually, we don’t make use of any automated tools while auditing. Your business website is guaranteed the best quality website audit at KJ. We will ensure you’re fully covered on all technical sides by making sure your websites is in compliance with all the established standards and also provide you with strategies that can help take your website to the next level.

It is possible that you may not understand what a website audit is, so below is a short break down on how we do it at KJ;

Our website audit experts will contact you directy or through a questionnaire
This helps them under stand your business objectives & Target Audiences
Our audit experts will then conduct a complete check on your website to find if there is any impact of various algorithm updates by Google in the past 2 years.
This audit will include over 20+ algorithm rolled out by Google along with the refreshes.
Through Detailed report will be provided on the impact of Google’s most important 4 (Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird, Pigeon updates.
Google Webmaster Tools Audit – Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, Crawl Issues, Indexed Pages, Malware Issues.
Domain Audit – Preferred Domains, 404 & 301 Redirects, Broken Links.
Content Audit- Canonical Issues, Structured Data, Meta Content Audit, H1 Tag Audit, Keyword Density Check, Duplicate/Thin Content Audit, Image Audit, HTML Sitemap, Outbound Links.
UX (User Experience) Audit – Cross Platform, Device Compatibility, Page Speed, URL Navigation, Call-to-Action.
Backlink URL Analysis.
Link Domain Analysis.
Anchor Text Audit.
Citation Analysis & Social Media Signals.